We believe hearing is a priceless gift. That’s why Flents® PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs are designed for a variety of activities to optimize protection and comfort. Our Noise Reduction Ratings are verified through independent labs. So you can protect your hearing—and your quality of life—for years to come.

Flents®, from Apothecary Products™, was founded in 1927 and continues to offer products that enable people to live better.


  1. Can PROTECHS™ Foam Ear Plugs be washed and reused?
    Only PROTECHS Travel Ear Plugs and PROTECHS Music Ear Plugs are washable and reusable. Disposable foam ear plugs are designed for single use and should not be cleaned and reused. Depending on the environment and individual’s ear hygiene, foam ear plugs may need to be replaced more often. Ear plugs should be disposed of when they stop expanding once inserted, or fall out of ears.
  2. Do PROTECHS Foam Ear Plugs contain natural rubber latex?
    No. PROTECHS Foam Ear Plugs are manufactured with a synthetic acrylic polymer material, which does not contain the proteins that sometimes cause a latex allergic reaction.
  3. Are PROTECHS Foam Ear Plugs considered hypoallergenic?
    Yes. PROTECHS Foam Ear Plugs are considered hypoallergenic.